August 21, 1998: Quark Attempts Takeover of Adobe

In the world of professional graphic design Macs are the tools of choice for page layout and image manipulation. The two biggest dogs in the …(read more)

August 20, 1999: Apple Sues eMachines

Once the iMac became a hit many companies wanted to copy the success of Apple. Noting that the computer couldn't do anything more than a …(read more)

August 19, 1996: G3 Chip Announced

The zenith of the AIM project was likely the G3. The RISC based processor had a large performance advantage over the equivalent offerings from Intel …(read more)

August 18: The G5 Ships

Mac users had felt left behind by Intel's offerings. Sure, they would argue that the G4 was as good as the latest Pentium but many …(read more)

August 17, 1986: Luxo Jr Premiers!

When Steve Jobs was still an Apple employee he stayed very busy. Besides fathering the Mac and supervising the horrible Apple III he made recommendations …(read more)

August 16, 2005: Henrico School’s Sells iBooks, Riot Ensues

The Henrico County school system decided to equip every middle school student and teacher with a laptop computer. The machine of choice was a G3 …(read more)

August 15, 1998: Original iMac Goes on Sale

It might seem odd in the current atmosphere of the ultra secretive Apple but before the original iMac went on sale it had been known …(read more)

August 14, 1997: Heavy Hitters Weigh in on Apple’s CEO Search

Steve Jobs had declined the boards offer to become the new CEO of Apple but had agreed to stay while the board continued looking for …(read more)

August 13, 2002: Jaguar Released

Jaguar was the third or fourth iteration of Mac OS X the public was privy to, depending on whether or not you count the beta …(read more)

August 12, 1981: IBM Releases First PC

The Apple II had been, and would continue to be, a huge success for Apple. Industry watchers knew, however, that the nascent personal computer industry …(read more)

June 24, 1979: Apple Introduces First Apple Printer

Computer printers had been around for a few years but most ran over a thousand dollars and thus were out of the reach of many …(read more)

August 31, 2004: the iMac G5 Appears (Finally)

Jonathan Ives' first design for the G4 iMac featured an LCD screen with the necessary components tucked behind the display. Steve Jobs was not happy …(read more)