September 3, 2005, HP Explains Why It Dropped the iPod

Hewlett Packard had started reselling the Apple iPod when iPod mania was raging. It seemed like a good plan; HP had connections with mega retailers …(read more)

September 2, 1997, Clone Era Ends

During the clone era at Apple, the company received a flat rate of $50 for each Mac compatible sold. An enviable sum for doing little …(read more)

September 1, 2003: Longhorn Ship Date Slips Again

While Apple has been coming out with regular OS X updates since 2000, Microsoft has been promising a major revision since roughly the same time. …(read more)

August 30, 2005: Test Drive a Mac

There is a persistent belief that if people would just try a Mac they would buy a Mac. Apple has tried to capitalize on this …(read more)

August 29, 1991: First Space Based E-Mail

Stephen Levy wondered aloud about the NASA program: What right-minded agency would take the Mac portable into space? After all, who would take such a …(read more)

August 28, 1990: Licensing Revisited

Six years after the Mac was introduced and five years before Microsoft had run the GUI gauntlet with Windows 95,  Apple's Senior Vice President Dan …(read more)

August 27, 2002: Gateway Targets the iMac

Gateway is a minor player in the computing arena now, but at one time the company was a force to be reckoned with. Before the …(read more)

August 26, 1993: Apple vs. Microsoft Lawsuit Dismissed

When Apple first sued Microsoft for infringing on the look and feel of the Mac OS the Board of Directors felt sure Apple would win. …(read more)

August 25, PowerBook 5300 Introduced

The PowerBook 5300 was one computer Mac users thought they would love. The machine featured the first PowerPC in a laptop, was reasonably small and …(read more)

August 24, 1981: Welcome IBM, Seriously

What was Apple's most successful ad campaign? Likely it was the one page ad the company took out in the Wall Street Journal welcoming IBM …(read more)

August 23, 1995: Windows 95 Goes on Sale at Midnight

The original Mac exposed the wider world to the concept of the Graphical User Interface (GUI). PC users widely derided the GUI as a toy-like …(read more)

August 22, 1996: Copland Mercifully Terminated

Copland was started in 1994 to address some of the flaws found in the Mac System software. Functionality taken for granted by OS X users …(read more)