Mac Basics: Keeping track of flagged emails

Flagging emails in Mail for later action is all well an good, but it's also easy to lose track of them as they disapear from …(read more)

Random Assortment of Cool Links

What with the election looming nearer I thought I would throw up some political links I liked: Defective Yeti - breaks down the Republican convention …(read more)

Cooler than Abraham Lincoln

How cool is the iPhone? Cooler than Abraham Lincoln

Putting Microsoft’s Bid For Yahoo In Perspective

After hearing that Microsoft was walking away from its offer to buy Yahoo, I got to thinking what else they could buy with that kind …(read more)

Big Book of Apple Hacks Reviewed (Twice), Five Stars all Around!

The problem with book reviews if you’re an author is that if you believe the good ones you also have to believe the bad ones. …(read more)

Waiting for the right touch

Ah, the curse of the technology sector. Something better is always just around the corner. And for me that is a price cut on the …(read more)

Think Secret To Continue?

The demise of Think Secret is a fascinating story and because of the multiple legal documents in place so many questions will go unanswered. Questions …(read more)

10 Things Every Programmer Should Know For Their First Job

Hindsight being what it is, here are some lessons I have learned since entering the ranks of professional programming. 0000 - Being liked is easy …(read more)

From the “I Can’t Make This $%&! Up Files” Comes My Latest Adventure In Customer Service

Here is the setup: I recently bought a fan from Target. It wasn’t anything special mind you, just an 8” fan that would sit on …(read more)

Problems with Pages

This is both a rant and a question, here is the rant part. When I tried to email someone a Pages document they were unable …(read more)

Apple Introduces Final Cut Server

Complete Asset Management & Workflow Automation for Final Cut Studio 2 NAB, LAS VEGAS, April 15 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/—Apple(R) today introduced Final Cut(R) Server, a powerful new …(read more)

RIAA Is About To Kill Independant Radio Stations

I hate the RIAA. Originally it was just a disturbing sense of unease. Then it turned into a more concrete dislike. And up until I …(read more)