Does the Apple Tablet = the iPad?

Rumors abound regarding the Apple Tablet, with everyone trying to guess when/if/how it will appear. According to Borders booksellers has sent out an email …(read more)

Apple Leaves MacWorld with a Whimper

As we know (unless you are from Planet Vista), this was the last MacWorld at which Apple would be attending. Furthermore, Steve Jobs wouldn't be …(read more)

Unveiling the iPhone 2.0?

At WWDC it is widely expected that Apple will unveil a new iPhone. Specualtion+iPhone= Lots of demands about the so far imaginary device. Which is …(read more)

Welcome to the New Apple Matters

It’s been in the works for quite some time now and it isn’t absolutely perfect, but welcome to the new Apple Matters. With a new …(read more)

Taking Stock of the MacBook Updates

As I was taking my early morning stroll around the narrow lanes of the Internet, I couldn’t help but notice a lot of misinformation floating …(read more)

Realizing the MacBook Air’s Limitations When Diagnosing A Hardware Issue

People have been discussing the limitations and sacrifices when it comes to the MacBook Air. “You get a slimmer form factor but a slower processor.” …(read more)

Early Adopter Tax Resurfaces with the iPod Touch January Software Upgrade

There has been a lot of debate over Apple’s recent announcement of five “new” applications for the iPod touch, available for a price of $19.99. …(read more)

Macworld 2008 Presentation: Getting The Most Out of DotMac

Just finished a great presentation at Macworld 2008. The audience was great, asking some good questions and generally listening to be ramble about .Mac! Here …(read more)

MacWorld 08: Few Surprises But Still a Lot to Get Excited About

Excuse me while I just tuck into some humble pie. Yet again, the only thing I seemed to have gotten right about a MacWorld is …(read more)

Open Thread: Macworld Keynote reactions

Everyone, here is the transcript from my live report. Now it is your turn, sound off on the comments on the good, bad, and ugly …(read more)

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My Greatest Wish for Macworld: Video

My first Macworld was in, I think, 2002 and was in New York. Greg Ng and I went together and since it was the beginning …(read more)