Live report of Apple’s Music Event

Check back at 1pm (EST) 12:58 hasn’t started yet, stay posted. while we wait post a comment! what is the one thing you most want …(read more)

Three Pieces of Good News from Cupertino

Today Apple has announced that the iPod is now available in a 40GB model. Wow. The original iPod at 5GB now seems like a ram-based …(read more)

Exclusive Quicktime Footage of the G5

Check out video footage of the G5 on display. First impressions? Extremely impressive looking, not too pleased with how it felt when I knocked on …(read more)

Live Report from MacWorld NY 2003

Check back for live coverage of Macworld New York 2003. AppleMatters will be reporting live from the keynote address by Greg Joswiak, Vice President of …(read more)

A QuickTime Look at Panther’s Labels

When OS X first came out there was a small but vocal group of Mac user’s who lamented the passing of labels. I was definitely …(read more)

A QuickTime Look at Panther’s FontBook

Here is a quicktime movie of Panther’s FontBook. This application will make products like Suitcase obsolete and finally integrate font management into Apple’s operating system. …(read more)

Quick Note: Quark Is Coming Next Week

This will be the biggest and best thing to happen to OS X since, well, OS X. With the release of QuarkXpress 6 for OS …(read more)

Gore’s On Board!

One cannot help but wonder, as the United States goes to war, what the situation would be like if Al Gore was president. One thing …(read more)

Apple’s First Quarter Results: 4.4 billion minus 8 million

No company ever wants to lose money but Apples financial results for its fiscal 2003 first quarter need to be put in perspective. Forget about …(read more)