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  • Aug 15, 2007
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  • The easiest way should be an uninstaller executable inside the .app package. When you delete the application, the uninstaller executable is started. That's simplicity we expect from Apple.
  • I know that, but for Applications it Useful for me. Of course you make Word document Or Pages, but then you have to edit the search query of the created smartfolder. Technically it is possible, only the User Interface doesn't allow you to do so. I already had the idea to create an application "Smarter Folder", but I still haven't found time to build it.
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    What Do You Want out of Leopard?
  • All this talking about your applications, why don't you have a Smart Folder collecting all your applications? It should be nice when you want to delete an application, the Finder will ask you to remove all Support files, like .plist and caches.
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    What Do You Want out of Leopard?
  • "That’s the new meme, and like the previous ones, it will be around long after the issue itself ceases to be an issue at all." What about the meme: There is no software for Mac. Macs are expensive. MacOS has been based on intuition since 1984. I still believe new computer users will understand the Mac faster than they would understand ANY version of Windows. People who have worked with Windows for a long time, have lost this intuition. They created a MS intuition. As Yoda said: Unlearn what you have learned. Feel, don't think.
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    Should The Mac Zealots Just Shut Up?
  • A somewhat unuser-friendly way to shutdown your Mac is via the Terminal: sudo shutdown -h now This a harder way and it will kill the apps, if they don't want to quit, at least that is what I've experienced.
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    What Panther Should Fix: Part Seven, Shut Me Down