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  • Nov 18, 2011
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  • In daily life, pallet racking is not only used for logistic center but also for supermarket. Pallet racking can help customer to buy and unload. shelving There are several factors we have to consider when choose pallet racking: 1. We should consider the environment which pallet racking will put into. The temperature, humidity will affect the surface of pallet racking.
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  • Feature of mezzanine floor: 1. Use pallet racking as support, the floor can be designed to be 2 or 3 tiers, with stair case and lifting platform. 2. Dismountable structure, we can design the system according to the actual situation, which can help make enough use of space. shelving 3. Suitable for high warehouse, and also for improve from existing warehouse which can increase the storage effieiency.
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  • Usually we use euroroll roller or Interroll roller. The move is very smooth, and capacity is good. Also you can adjust the size of passage freely, can work in the temperature low to -40 degree. Flow through racking is mainly used for transportation and shelving storage system. It cnn be used for slide rail, guide rail. When the cargo is heavy than desired capacity, we can install many rollers in one passage. The diagonal angel is according the weight and depth of rollers, usually it’s 3-6 degree.
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