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  • 2 Million sold - and not a whole lot of consumers up in arms. Just websites and Consumer Reports "who deems it the best smartphone on the market but can't recommend it" WTF? Apple's PR for this issue has been clearly non-apple like. I mean really bad. And that is what is fanning the hysteria of "news" sites etc… Not a whole lot of lines at apple or att returning the phone. Recall will not happen. Apple will start giving free cases soon, IMO. Not only good PR (people like stuff for free). Make some mod in production for new phones coming down the line - rubber coating on the antenna bar or something. But even true cell antenna experts as you point out say the new Consumer Reports test was totally flawed. CR is basically looking for hits on it's site. So trash Apple. Get those hits for this qtr and up ad rates. Where are the two million new iPhone4 owners in the streets up in arms? A company that sells two million electronic devices in a matter of days - the normal production defect rate is magnified. A company sells 2 million electronic devices over a year - the same production defects exit - and folks take the device back to store for replacement. No one "notices". 2 million in a few days - it looks like a bad device. And the news, reporters etc that want to take Apple down a rung glom on for ratings, hits etc… The issue is not the iPhone, but how poorly Apple responded. Whats going on there? Is it arrogance? If it is, then Apple is going to have future product issues IMO. Maybe part of the people that are upset, true iPhone 4 owners are more concerned because of the way APple responded than their phone even having the antenna issue. All of a sudden they "think" they may be experiencing it?
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    The iPhone Antenna “Issue”: FUD
  • Well Apple Matters, I have officially deleted my Apple Matters bookmark. The articles here for the past year just don't have any meaning. And I've posted a few times in the past on certain ones. This one is part of them. So you just have the name Apple in your name for the hits it will get you? This site is just unreadable now. Bye.
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    Mac OS X Leopard: Just a Pretty Vista Knockoff
  • The articles on this site have been becoming so ridiculous lately. This article takes the cake. Mr. Stern, this article is absurd. People want reliability. It's why more Macs are being sold then ever. The Windows/PC UNRELIABLE paradigm is what people are running from. Apple/Jobs understands this. The iPhone is a reliable phone, iPod and PDA. Better than what is in the cell category now. Reliable. Mr. Stern you think bringing the iPhone into the ureliable sphere is progress. Very strange. Apple/Jobs has gotten this right. And over time will update the iPhone. But Mr. Stern, everything you want you can have right now. Buy a laptop. Actually by a MacBook or MacBook Pro and get everything you list with reliability. That's what you want, you just want it in the iPhone size. Why?
  • You write regarding Europe, but it was the governments of Europe that regulated and forced cellphone providers to use one standard for cell phones. GSM. The US has GSM, CDMA and TDMA. Three different types of that require differnt phones to work on them. iPhone, a GSM device will not work on Verizon, a CDMA network. So the basic premise of the article is moot. Is our government now going regulate (force) manufactures to produce phones that MUST work on all network types? OR is government going to set a standard for the US? Which one? GEM? So now government is going to force a private company, Verizon either to change or go out of business? Forcing device makers to manufacture cell phones to work on all three US networks will make the phones bigger and less reliable for sure. Let alond even more expensive. Government is going to now make all companies, or just cell phone companies to not allow them to offer a unique device, iPhone, Treo, RAZR, whatever to attrack customers? And how come at these bogus hearings, no one mentiond Apple first offered the iPhone to Verizon? Verizon turned down the product/offer. Just because someone wants an iPhone, but not want to go to ATT from Sprint, government thinks this is wrong? WTF What next, car dealeships must offer ALL cars for sale on one lot? Burger King must sell McDonalds products? Or McDonalds selling only Coco Cola products, will now have to offer Pepsi products too? Leave companies and the consumer to purchase what THEY want. And not government dictated. Pathetic.
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    On Freeing Consumers, Innovators, and the iPhone
  • Apple had to protect their iPod franchise. Pure and simple. Protect iPods from cell phone music phones. The iPhone is it. People wanted to carry one device, me included. And if they had to choose, it would be a cell phone with 50 songs over a cell phone AND iPod. Apple is protecting themselves. I bought three. The iPhone is not perfect. And I've had cell phones since 1985 (car). 1986 first handheld. With that said, compared to EVERY other cell phone that plays music, the iPhone is now the standard. No matter what the criticisms are of it. That's what is so fascinating about Apple and the future.
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    Review Part 2 of 2: The iPhone
  • You need to use the iport feature in mail to bring in your older email. Simple dragging the folders into the new mail or computer, you will lose certain email. You wll see the old email and who it's from, but the body text on some will be gone. I don't know why. but if you import the old email, you will be fine.
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    AAM: Manually Migrate Mail
  • This column makes no sense. Most all of the costs you list currently apply to a users phone now. Add these costs to your current Moto or Blackberry and see what you get then.
  • The argument is the iPod is selling the music. Jobs will give them a dollar per iPod sold. Then Jobs will require the publishers to pat Apple up how much to get onto the itunes store? Now it's free for Universal or EMI. two can play that game. You want access to itunes, how much is it worth to them? There will be no fee's paid to publshers. Simple. And then the movies studios will demand a fee for DVD player sales. Not going to happen.
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    Is Microsoft counting on Steve Jobs' Obstinance?
  • Apple has to come out with an iPhone/iPod combination. It's the only way to protect it's market position in music players. Even if it's a high end offering of $500-$650. Working on GSM of course Otherwise people are going to learn how to make do with there phones that play a 1000 songs, and not bother with an iPod at all.
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    7 Predictions for 2007
  • I updated my MacBook Pro and two MacBooks on the day of release. Using a stand aloe download of iTunes because the update wasn't showing up in the Software Update control panel. Same way with the Quicktime update using a stand alone. Not one issue for any computers for me. I have over 1200 purchased iTunes tracks. The day of release I downloaded a couple of movies and also some seasons of tv shows. All work fine. So all good and fine for me. The only issue I haad was movies and tv shows I ripped yself for use on my iPod, and all played perfectly was, iTunes 7 wouldn't transfer them over to the iPod on sync. Where as these movies always played fine and were already on my ipod. The solution turned out to be, after much experimenting was, I noticed the new Video tab using Get Info on my movies, I had to fill in the information there of "Show". Then on sync, all my movies were put back on my iPod. That was a pain too because you can't batch change this info. I had to do it individually. All in all it took my about two hours to figure it out and to change th information. But all is good overall
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    Upgrading To iTunes 7:0? You Might Want To Wait
  • PR stunts. Yes that's what they've become. Because the products and hype don't live up to the event lately. The audience leaves with a sense of "that's it. Why did I come to this"? When the iPod was released, yes that is an EVENT. An iPod refresh is not. A true iPod video - yes a likely an EVENT. An iPhone - yes an EVENT. But lately is is PR hype without substance. How long can Apple/Jobs sustain that without a great product in the EVENT? A skeptical consumer is what they're getting now. Apple is getting inot the vacinity of; you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time.
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    Apple Will Never Surprise Us Again
  • Whos jaded MacGlee? I and the world just aren't blindly being led by our noses by Apple & Jobs anymore. Jobs dug his own hole with the way he creates events. Now the evernts aren't all the special. What happened to his philosophy of under promised and over deliver. He believes his own "magical" star to make the press show up on demand. Jobs creates a palpitating, electric buzz for himself and his announcements. And now it's over hype and under deliver. He created it, he has to live with it when most all are underwhelmed. Apple HAS to change these announcement events.
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    Apple Will Never Surprise Us Again
  • Apple/Jobs created this very problem. He the one of "one more thing". I posted after the last show where Jobs showed the world Leopard. The world got to see updates for Mail, iCal etc... So what! And now this Show Time "Event"! I'm a dies hard Mac fan/user. I wait for new products from Apple. But even I yawn at these announcents. Why? Because of the way Jobs sets the stage. And now a days it's a product refresh. Not like yesteryear where the world got truly NEW products. Not a product line refresh. Apple/Job has to change this. Wall Street expects more based on the way Apple/Jobs likes to make events. For me they've cried wolf now two times in a row. Strike three coming up. I can't even imagine how a non-Apple fan looks at this crap.
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    Apple Will Never Surprise Us Again
  • I dislike the labels and publishers, but it would be so easy for them to cut out MS and Apple. SELL THE FRIGGIN MUSIC DIRECTLY TO CUSTOMERS! Hire IBM to create the front and backend store. Labels and publishers are so stupid. I guess the main reason is maybe they couldn't hide al of the money from the artists to rip off if they sell directly.
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    iTunes Inspires Changes in Music Industry
  • A total bore if you ask me? But then again Jobs makes it know his presentations are "ground breaking". The demo of Leopard is nothing
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    Leopard Preview: Letdown or Return to Normalcy?