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  • Windowshade, the Apple Menu, the Application Menu, the floating Applications Bar, and Tabbed Folders were all replaced by the Dock. The Dock, while nice to look at... - limits the number of Applications that can be placed in it - when too many items are in it, they are displayed as tiny icons - does not graphically differentiate folders or documents - requires users to search for an icon, instead of relying on muscle memory. This is because the dock is centered and icons move as apps are added and removed from the dock. - requires the user to 'scrub' the mouse over the bar to reveal item names - can be hidden, but is still necessary for most application management - is much larger that the more useful Windows bar and tabbed folders (Did I just say that?) :(
    Miles had this to say on Dec 22, 2002 Posts: 1
    Why OSX is better, reason 3: The almighty dock