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  • May 20, 2009
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  • Unfortunately, the Mini 10 has a video card that won't work. A key requirement of a hackintosh is that it has to be built with hardware that's already supported on some Apple product, unless one is willing to try taking on writing a driver.
  • I bought a Dell Mini 9 with 32GB SSD, added a 2GB memory stick from Corsair, and installed OS X using the Leopard retail DVD and a small download (see directions at mydellmini dot com). The effort was truly a walk-through. My son is using it on a daily basis for school with no problems, other than an occasional minor video artifact. Sleep, audio, wifi, ethernet, USB, webcam and SD card reader all work (no bluetooth installed). I recently picked up an Apple Extreme N card on eBay to upgrade the wifi to N, and that was a drop-in replacement. From what I read, the Asus has some problems with the network and audio.