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  • Mar 01, 2007
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  • Wow Chris I have been randomly and I thought a lone voice trying to get a bit of interest in an OS based installer for X. I don't care if windoze has it or not, if Linux has or not or even if Be was going have one that made coffee, the simple fact is if I decide it get rid of something I want it gone. If my near tech illiteriate family members want an app to be gone they ought to be able to turn to the OS to do the job consistently, completely and simply. I can guarantee Doug and those of like mind that it's so daunting for some people that they're not switching from one OS to another - they're just not switching a computer on at all. If a toaster accepted bread but didn't pop up when it was toast - would you buy it? To me this is the same thing an OS that aids installation but not deletion is only doing half the job.