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  • I've decided the white issue is due to the iPad. I know, I'm probably wrong... The iPad screen is smaller than a printed page. But if the edges of the iPad are all in white, then the printed page can be right to the edge of the iPad screen. It'll look like a bigger page, and the white borders of the iPad will add to the page, rather than detract from the iPad's look. That's my bet anyway... they're holding back so they can surprise with the next iPad.
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    Is the White iPhone 4 being Held Back by Apathy?
  • I too can not find a suitable "target". Sure, consumer electronics like Sony... but which company fits more cleanly? A mobile phone company? (Nokia is too expensive I think :) ... can't find their valuation). I wonder about a home automation company... but none are very big, are they? Similarly could they buy out some big business telephone system producer.... like a Nortel?... something that allows them to better define the future of collaboration & video conferencing. I just don't see the right fit though. I'd hate to see them buy a production studio (like MGM, or NBC if it was available), I would rather all studios saw iTunes as a distribution partner rather than see as a competitor. And yet buying an international network like "Discovery" (and reinventing how TV is shown) would be interesting.
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    Apple Buying Something Big? How UnAppleish
  • Steve, there's no way they're going to make an Mac emulation environment for iPad. It goes against everything Apple wants, even if the speed and memory needs were satisfied. Far better for apps to be designed for touch specifically. Sure they might make an iOS compatibility for the Mac though, if Macs have touch. In terms of functionality - just as an example, Apple could sell an 11" iOS iBookAir and a 13" MacBookAir -both running respective versions of Mail, Safari, iTunes, Photos, iMovie, Pages, Numbers, Keynote. The 11" would be much lighter & more than half the price - with ability to install iPad apps. The 13" could install Mac apps (and perhaps iOS apps too). I'm not saying they'll do this combo, just that it could meet many people's needs.
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    Is an iOS Netbook in the Works?
  • So you're saying if Apple thinks the product will get them sales (without taking them straight from another product), they'll make one. Fair enough. But that's a relatively easy prediction! :) Do you think such a product? I do agree it'd be an iOS netbook, probably with a very similar screen size to the iPad so that it'll run regular iPad apps without any changes (a horizontal iPad with keyboard). Apple would have its apps (iWork/iLife, basically), possibly the only app maker to customise for the netbook. Personally I think there's room for the device. The keyboard is useful to many people, as is the long battery life, and it'll be inexpensive. It'll compete directly with ChromeOS netbooks.
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    Is an iOS Netbook in the Works?
  • Yeah when Hadley says iOS he really means running Apps - reread his comments in that context. I'm still unsure whether he literally wants an iPhone app (which needs touch input!) or just a really easy system for developers to port to aTV which makes more sense to me (like iPad apps share much code with iPhone apps). BUT I am worried about the amount of people saying apps is the answer to content. I really don't want to have to remember which of my 9 TV apps I need to open to watch my show - an integrated interface is far more useful. Perhaps Apple can get app-writers to put hooks into their app to get the best of both worlds? I expect that Apple is already talking with select app developers and giving them early access. So we'll see a limited range of apps before long. At some stage, they'll open that up to other developers. This also could be the best of both worlds, if it gives Apple intense control over early development, while avoiding complaints from other developers about supporting multiple platforms and lets Apple wait for that demand to increase first.
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    Apple TV 2.0: Still A Sucky Hobby
  • I agree there's a market for a TiVo-like device, until the content providers offer on-demand rental/subscription/ad-supported versions of their content. But it would be a device focussed on "the old way of doing things", and Apple wants to focus on the future. Perhaps we need a clear integration with Elgato eyeTV, or even an ability to stream stuff recorded on a TiVo elsewhere in the house.
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    Dismissing the Apple TV Objections
  • I think the new AppleTV is a good way to do things. My only real objection is that it doesn't store some small number of photos for the screen saver (& a few play lists). (Or did I miss that?). However, I have to remind myself that in Australia the only advantage is cost. The new AppleTV actually does less than the old AppleTV here (no purchase of TV shows). And it does nothing extra at all (no TV rental, no AirPlay YET). I feel like we're in a bit of a limbo at the moment though in terms of all our data. The old methods are failing us in their complexity. It seems there are 2 future expansions for this device (and others) that will change things: 1) the TimeCapsule may host an iTunes library as our server - and our iPhones/Laptops/AppleTVs will connect &/or sync to it 2) Apple will give us a few hundred GB storage online - and our laptop, iPhone, & AppleTV will simply log in to that. (or combined - buy a TimeCapsule (renamed) and Apple gives the same amount of online storage so our iPhone connects to whichever it can find. AND we always have a backup should the net go down or TimeCapsule crash.)
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    Dismissing the Apple TV Objections
  • Well you can certainly still buy TV shows, OR rent them, on your Mac. So with only 2 studios allowing rentals (ABC/Fox) if you are a Stargate viewer (etc) you'll need to buy on your Mac first. Can you tell me what you base your suspicion that while downloading a purchase, it'll also stream it? As I said above, I'd like to see that - but I've seen no indication of it. On the iOS note - interesting that you define it as iOS only if it runs apps, but it would be absolutely impossible to run iPhone apps without modification. We know that the previous AppleTV was based on OSX10.4.7 - and yet it didn't run OSX apps. Personally I look at iOS as the slimmed down version of OSX to run on a much smaller footprint, with minimal extras and a focus on responsiveness and playing media, on an ARM chip. But if you say "it must run iPhone apps" then sure, it won't do that. (In your definition, must it run iPad apps or iPhone apps, to be iOS?)
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    Hardware at Apple's September Event
  • The main gap on the AppleTV is purchases. I'd like to see it offer purchases ONLY VIA your iTunes machine. That way you could buy the show and watch it streamed from your iTunes, while your iTunes is still downloading it. ps. It would appear the AppleTV is using the iOS at it's base, this is a good thing. And hopefully we'll see some apps some time (but Apple will want to highly regular that I guess!)
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    Hardware at Apple's September Event
  • Hello all. Interesting posts! (though I'm rushed so may have missed some!) I think there are a couple of issues that may be important. First the iOS can't run "as is" on the AppleTV. But whatever TVOS ends up on the AppleTV, iOS is CLOSER to what's needed than regular MacOSX. Secondly, while iPhone or iPad apps could run okay if you had an iPhone controller, it won't be a seamless and simple experience. Much better to have an app custom made for the iTV - but again, if you are choosing between porting from the Mac or iPhone, an iPhone app would be a more suitable starting point. I believe Apple will force the use of an iPhone/touch/iPad as a remote control. But they will not market it as "if you want an iTV you have to buy an iPhone!". They'll market it as "do you have an iPhone? This is the ultimate device to bring your iPhone and TV together. Play your music, rent movies, watch your photos...." etc etc. Apple won't care if they limit there market to everyone with an iPhone. They keep the price cheaper, and they will probably sell a low-end iPod Touch/iTV combo pack. If they can assume EVERY remote has a touch screen, gyroscope/accelerometer, and its own content - they can design a better interface, perhaps revolutionary. But I do hope they have some sort of IR input even if it can't really run the interface very well - just so my universal remote can press "pause" occasionally.
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    iOS on an Apple TV? A VERY Bad Idea
  • I'm hoping for a cloud movement. Basically merge my MobileMe & iTunes account, and sync my Mac data with the cloud. Log in to any iPad, iPhone, iMac and have access to my music, documents, movies, apps, email, calendars everything. Same access on any Windows machine via some hybrid of iTunes/Web/Safari (iOS for Windows?) I want to know that if my laptop is destroyed in a freak harvester accident, I can buy a new one, put in my username, and have my whole system available to me immediately (slowly re-caching). It also NEEDS to have a full copy locally - the best of local & cloud. Behind the scenes is complicated. On my main machine a synced copy. Other machines (laptop or iPhone) syncing a subset of my data from either the cloud or the main machine.
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    What Next for OS X?
  • The list of facts seems incomplete.. going back to what you accuse Apple of doing with uncertainty :) * "Any iPhone 4 user who is dissatisfied with their iPhone can return it within 30 days." true. * "Apple has stated there is a software glitch that over-reports signal strength." - true to a point. This software glitch is important in that it should make it clear that the signal loss is only one bar, never 3 or 4 bars! Also 3) Every phone's signal is blocked by hands to some degree, depending on how and where it is held 4) Touching an antenna directly blocks a little more signal. 5) Bridging the wifi and 3G antennas by touching the black line (the original criticism afaik) significantly affects signal, so avoid doing this. Note: although this is still an issue when wifi is off, it may make a difference - so perhaps a software update could turn off wifi while making a call in low signal areas (or just before a call drops). I'm under the impression that even with 3 & 4, the iPhone4 reception is better than the 3GS. #5 causes the biggest problem and is worse than 3GS. But every article just sensationalizes the whole thing and gives little useful information to make that guess.
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    The iPhone Antenna “Issue”: FUD
  • I agree the gyroscope was odd to demonstrate to users - but probably very worthwhile to demonstrate to developers.
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    iPhone 4: Initial Reactions
  • I am interested in seeing the screen too. Other than that, the great thing in this is HD video - depending on how good it REALLY is (and how good the audio is). I think of processor speed mainly as future proofing - like the iPhoneOS3 was designed to work well on both the 3G and 3GS, the current iPhoneOS4 is designed to work well on the 3GS too. Then again, perhaps iMovie really works better on an A4. The biggest unknown is reception. If it can be a better PHONE that'd be brilliant (and it's also great that it supports 3G900, for Australia & NZ!!)
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    iPhone 4: Initial Reactions
  • With Dell or HP, every month computers evolve slightly. Wait a month, get a better computer. Apple is different. They release much further apart, with a jump in capability at the same price. So buying in the first few months after release is a better idea than buying a few months before the new ones (if you can predict when they'll come out). The iPhone and iPod Touch both make a leap. Yes, the old models continue to function - but an iPhone bought today and an iPhone bought 11 months ago both have the same hardware and will both be "too old" at the same time (whenever that is). Wait 3 weeks for the new iPhone for sure. Wait 4 months for the next iPod Touch? Yeah, I would probably. Certainly wouldn't buy the 8GB iPod Touch!
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    Don't Buy an iPod Touch This Summer.