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  • Oct 12, 2010
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  • While I don't experience the 'Death Grip' problem when using my iPhone 4 with a strong signal from Tmobile (uk), I have seen it happen with a weaker o2 signal. The problem does exist, but it affects people differently depending on their exact circumstances. But I really wanted to comment on Hadley's tone in this article; it really seems as if you've gone back to the "old" mentality of Apple against the rest of the world. Everyone seems to be railing against them and you love being the 'defender', willing to accept seemingly 'minor' faults since you can appreciate the beauty of Apple's vision. But times have changed, Apple is no longer the minor league player, they've sold >2 million of these things to a very mainstream population, and not everyone will accept faults such as signal dropping on the "best smartphone ever". It's Apple's fault for not testing it properly. It's Apple's fault for releasing it if they knew it may encounter such problems. And it's certainly Apple's fault for creating such overblown reactions by not releasing a proper statement much earlier and even appeasing customers with free bumpers weeks ago. So what, they take a minor hit of a few million dollars in these plastic things costing them cents to produce in China, and they quell the growing anger. Problem: mostly sorted.
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    The iPhone Antenna “Issue”: FUD
  • You're right, this makes a lot of sense, good for Apple to make some extra dough, and give indies a break. Not too sure how good their sales would be and it's unlikely Apple would promote indie titles without reason. It does at least provide means for easy distribution. Here's hoping it comes true.
  • "A bunch of powerful guts and USB control ports. Or wireless controls. Personally I would opt for the corded option to save space in the unit and not be bothered by batteries. You could even put a Solid State Drive in to remove any moving parts and go back to the old cartridge based system of games." This really shows how out of touch with modern gamers you really are, which of the three modern consoles comes with a wired controller still? None of them. What's the point of the extra expense of an SSD, when a regular hard drive will suffice? Its not like this is gonna be a portable gaming system? Cartridges, really? Apple would find something as ancient as cartridges completely abhorrent with their clean lines etc. If Apple did ever make a console, it would be cleanly styled with hopefully a new, maybe touch/motion based interface that would be crippled by their insistence on keeping it a completely closed platform. Have you seen the reviews of the download-only PSP Go? Turn that into a home console and slap an Apple sticker on it, you'll get the same type of reviews.
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    The Argument for the Pippin Continued.
  • You could really do with reading through what you've written before you post it. I understand that you can't possibly pick all the mistakes under the pressures, and I in no way expect edited articles as in a newspaper, but, it could be better. And to answer your article, I think that Apple is still relevant and is still caring about what they make, and trying to push forward in the product lines they pursue. I think your ending is slightly unfair; you can't possibly presume that Apple will pull a game-changing product out of the bag at every single event they ever hold. You just have to accept that for Apple to continue to create fantastic products means that they'll probably be few and far between, with many more refinements in between.
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    Reflections on 25 Years, Does Apple Still Matter?
  • "Apple took a different route and decided on using metal and glass. And as we can see it paid off nicely for them." That is until they made enough money with the first generation iPhones and started fobbing people off with the cheap and scratch-able plastic backs they have today. Admittedly, most Apple products still feel very good in the hand. As for your search for a phone, I don't know if you have them over in America but some of the new Sony Ericssons are reassuringly weighty and have a quality feel, such as the C902 and the T650.
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    Density Equates Quality