I can’t find my Sherlock with my Sherlock

by Hadley Stern Dec 10, 2002

where is sherlockAm I the only one who finds the way Apple has redone Sherlock in OS 10.2 confusing? For years us apple users who were used to the simple find feature in OS 6 were suddenly introduced Sherlock in OS 9. A fun utility it allowed you to not only search your hard drive for files but also external sites. Sherlock stayed with us through to 10.1. Then, suddenly, Apple decided with os 10.2 to make it more Watson-like. A fine move, apart from the issue of Apple borrowing heavily from Watson. However, from a usability standpoint it is questionable at best to make Sherlock no longer the way to search files on your machine. A client of mine, used to searching through Sherlock complained that the Jaguar upgrade of Sherlock didn’t work! He couldn’t find files. I explained that you don’t find files with Sherlock anymore, you use file/find or command-f.  I’m not sure what the solution is. I actually prefer having a separate, more streamlined find feature without the Sherlock interface. But as Apple users switch from OS9 to OSX Apple needs to me more careful in how it implements interface changes.


  • I think bringing back Apple-F is amazing. It’s highly customizable, like it was before, and works just as good if not better.

    And Sherlock is now its own entity which relies entirely on the internet to accomplish a variety of extremely useful tasks, including Dictionary, Translation, Yellow Pages, Web Searches, and even EBay and Flight info!!!

    Keep them separate and force people to get used to it, I say.

    We live in new times with a new [baby] OS. It needs to be treated right and reassured of its goodness or it will cry and cease to function properly.

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  • I’ve an odd problem.
    Many of my files which were transferred over from system 9 don’t seem to be cataloged correctly (or at all). (Maybe because I waited so long to update to system X?)

    So what’s the problem?

    Well, the odd way that it manifests is that when I do a “search/ find file” Sherlock, whatever in OSX.4.9, it doesn’t find the majority of older files from my system 9 days, files like rtf files, word files, fonts, simple text files, etc. that DO exist on my hard drive.

    When I first noticed this problem and called Apple under an “Apple Care” ticket, they suggested verifying and correcting my permissions, but with time I’ve come to realize that, at best, this helped; improved the situation with some files, but it didn’t change anything with the majority of files which still have to be found “by hand”.

    Any suggestions?

    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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  • I think Apple should immediately investigate and find the cause of this problem. I own an Apple version of the old users, so it does not find such a problem you are facing.
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