Why OSX is better, reason two: No more juggling ram

by Hadley Stern Dec 18, 2002

Juggling in OS 9 I don’t have to play the ram game. Using OS 9 was a constant ram game. And yes, as ram became cheaper it was not as much of a concern. Still, even with 256mb of ram when doing something that involves Photoshop, Quark, and Distiller I still found myself having to close things, or change the ram allocation of programs.  Now, with OS X I have the following applications set to start-up on login, Photoshop, Imageready, Illustrator, Font Reserve, Powerpoint, Excel, Word, Internet Explorer, Ichat, Bbedit, Flash, and Acrobat. It doesn’t matter that I may not use an application for a week, its just ready for me when I need it. Of course it does take time for these apps to boot but because of multi-tasking it doesn’t matter. While they are opening I can easily jump into the app I need, OS X even lets me configure the order that apps can start up in so that if I know the first thing I want to do is check the web I can have IE open first.  It may seem absurd to open all these apps at once, and in the OS 9 paradigm where you have to restart multiple times a day it is. But because I only ever restart my machine when I install something new that requires it this simply isn’t a concern in OS X.  X doesn’t require me to enter in all the ram requirements for each app; it just intelligently manages things, giving ram to the application in use. If I were to open up this many apps in OS 9 my machine would probably last 30 minutes at best before crashing.


  • The greatest and most common answer that we can now say as OSX users, is “Why? because we now can.”

    “It may seem absurd to open all these apps at once” but you know what? You can if you want to.

    Sometimes it takes me having to work in OS9 at work to remember why I have it so good at home.

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