October 25, 2003: Day of Panther

by Chris Seibold Oct 25, 2010

How great was Panther? Just ask Phil Schiller, Apple Veep of marketing:

"With more than 150 new features, we're delivering innovations today that will not be seen in any other operating system for years to come... Thousands of Mac users across the country will be the first to experience the exciting new features of Panther, including Exposé, a revolutionary breakthrough in user interface design, and iChat AV desktop video conferencing."

To maximize hype Apple decided to dub the release "Night of the Panther" and set the onsale time to 8:00 PM. Panther set users back $129. The first full day users could purchase 10.3 was October 25, 2003.


  • I still fondly remember Panther, which was my first Apple OS upgrade after I switched.  Received as soon as possible I was amazed at its quality for a .0 release and I contemplating downgrading to it again after Tiger’s release since I had a few issues with that until about 10.4.2.  If Leopard is anywhere near as good to my as Panther was then I’ll be very happy.

    Kelmon had this to say on Oct 25, 2007 Posts: 7
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