June 15, 1993: eWorld Opens for Mac Users

by Chris Seibold Jun 15, 2011

It seems ridiculous now but, at one time, being a popular dial-up destination was like printing cash. As the popularity of using dial ups grew, the common wisdom was that users would flock to the popular providers to interact with other users.

Apple, naturally, wanted to get in on the good times. To that end they began e-World, a colorful and visually interesting online version of AOL. Unfortunately, for Apple it was also nearly devoid of users. In fact, people likened it to an online version of a ghost town.

Apple opened the e-World service to Mac users on June 15, 1993.


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  • AOL lol, seems such a long time ago now we have Apple ipad 2 breaking all sales records. Apple have come a long way.

    Ian Case had this to say on Sep 01, 2011 Posts: 2
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