Gil Amelio Describes Proper Apple Management Style

by Chris Seibold Jul 27, 2007

A little over a year had passed since Gil Amelio had been ousted from Apple. While others saw it coming, Dr. Amelio wasn't one of them. Instead of focusing on the ouster Dr. Amelio preferred the high road outlining the positive moves he made while heading Apple.

The savior of NEC freely admitted that the large salary he accepted was a mistake, saying "You don't expect your religious leaders to make big bucks, and I was leading a religion."

When Dr. Amelio arrived he found Apple to be an unstructured organization, more devoted to personal projects than actually making money. His view of Apple's discipline hadn't changed much when a Wired wiriter asked him what medicine he would prescribe for Apple and Dr. Amelio suggested "Give everyone a free bag of pot every day." Dr. Amelio's statements were published this week in 1998.


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