Apple Online Store Is Down: Snow Leopard, Tablets, Macbooks Oh My?

by Meiera Stern Aug 24, 2009

The Apple online store is closed with a We'll be back soon sticky on it. Speculation on the internet has it that Snow Leopard will appear shortly, a week before the beginning of September, when all new Macs will ship with OSX v.6.

Last year the store was down on January 8th and Apple released the new iPhone 3G the following day. BoingBoing released an amusing song called "Apple Store Is Down", whose lyrics say it all,

"Best not make any plans today.
The Apple store is down,
new shit is on its way."

We at Apple Matters are very excited to find out what might be updated on the store. Snow Leopard is exciting enough, but the truth is no one knows. The Apple online Store could be stocked with the much talked about tablet, new MacbookPros or ____? What do you think is behind the curtain? Please let us know!



  • Yay! It was Snowy the Leopard. I’ve ordered a family pack. Am most excited to see how it improves overall performance.

    Chris Howard had this to say on Aug 24, 2009 Posts: 1209
  • Thanks budy. I don’t always know what to say, even when I know I want to say something. But….when I already started taking action on what was posted, I got noticed and I got the benefit of taking action. Hermes Handbags

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