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  • Jan 28, 2011
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  • I've been reading a lot of wish lists for the iPad 2. They all seem to be describing an iPod Touch 3G. My prediction is either an iPod Touch 3G, an iPod Touch 4G, or both. Would you believe a Verizon iPod Touch 4G? As for the Verizon iPhone: I can count to five.
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    Eleven Apple Predictions for 2011
  • To paraphrase Steve Jobs, "Antennas are a bag of hurt!" Antenna problems are the main selling point of the Cable TV industry. If you ever used a television with "rabbit ears", then you understand. Cable works better. The telephone industry is moving in the opposite direction; people are giving up their "cable phones" (i.e. landlines) in favor of "radio phones" (i.e. cellular). Cellular connections have one (huge) advantage over landlines, and there is a trade off. If you have used a cell phone more than twice, then you understand. Here's the thing: if you really think about some of the things you do to improve cellular reception, you will realize that adjusting your grip on the phone is the easiest. Much easier than spinning around in a circle, moving about a room, going outside, driving around, etc. Much easier than getting out of your chair to adjust the rabbit ears, too!
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    The iPhone Antenna “Issue”: FUD
  • "I mean, that really says it all, doesn't it?!" Seems like you have a double standard when it comess to lying. That quote leaves out the most important thing; how Apple products "work"!
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    The WWDC 2010 Keynote: Great Product, Bad PR
  • Yes, you are "calling out Apple in particular for doing this", and you are contrasting Apple with RED. Only you know why, but I can guess....
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    The "Good Enough" Issue
  • "But see, I don't see the point of designing my websites for ease of use. Browsing the Internet, or using just any computer in general, is a difficult experience. I don't care if it's hard for consumers to use my websites, they'll work to figure it out. How else are they going to gain computing experience?" In 1976, Steve Wozniak designed the Apple Computer kit (BYO keyboard, monitor, and case). Steve Jobs suggested that more people would buy it if it was complete. Imagine if Wozniak said, "But see, I don't see the point of designing for ease of use. Using any computer is a difficult experience. I don't care if it's hard for consumers, they'll work to figure it out. How else are they going to gain computing experience?" In 1988, Al Gore told Congress that the Internet could be an Information Superhighway if the public were given access. Imagine if Congress said, "But see, I don't see the point." In 1984, Apple introduced the Macintosh; in 2001, Apple introduced the iPod; in 2007, Apple introduced the iPhone; and in 2010, Apple introduced the iPad. In each case there were many critics that did not "see the point". To some people, Freedom is the right to be wrong.
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    The iPad's Design Utopia vs. the Internet at Large
  • When Alexander Bell tried to introduce the telephone in England, the response from businessmen was, "I don't need it. If I want to tell somebody something, I get a boy to deliver a message." "Horse-less carraige?" "Need" isn't the operative word.
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    Last Year's Model: Fine for the Rest of Us
  • Your memories are not reflective of reality, either. The Macintosh's main deficiency was that it was not manufactured by IBM, and it was not 100% IBM compatible. In the eighties - before the Internet was opened to the public - one of the main reasons people bought computers was to be able to work at home. They preferred computers that were 100% compatible with their office computers so that they could bring SOFTWARE home. Document compatibility was not enough. Back then, Lotus 1-2-3, Wordperfect, and dBase cost more than a monitor. Another major factor was the keyboard. The feel of the IBM PC keyboard was very much like the feel of the IBM Selectric typewriter keyboard, and appealed to typists. Back then, it was not unusual for a secretary to have both a computer and a typewriter. The similarity between the PC and the Selectric facilitated the back and forth transitioning. The third factor was FUD. Outside of the geek realm, normal people saw a FIRST computer purchase as a major expenditure in an area where they had little to no expertise. The cliche inside the corporation was that "nobody ever got fired for buying IBM", and the corollary in the consumer space was "nobody ever got laughed at for buying IBM compatible". Twenty years later, the situation is different. 1) The Internet is the major reason people buy computers. 2) Keyboard compatibility is less of a factor. 3) More people feel qualified to make computer purchasing decisions; they have been using computers long enough to have their own opinions on what features are important to them. 4) Microsoft is the new IBM.
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    Worrying about the iPad Imitators? Don't
  • The interesting thing is that Apple proposed the same thing, the original iPhone was designed to run WebApps. Instead, developers held out for the current SDK. Ironically, Android uses the same Apple designed Webkit/Webcore that the iPhone uses. Developers have the option to develop cross platform apps if they care to do so. Time will tell.
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    Is it Already Too Late for the iPhone Wannabes?
  • In one paragraph, you complain about the price of the MacBook Pro. In another paragraph you wonder whether the extra Pro features missing from the MacBook affect the price. I guess that's why they call the new journalism "rants".
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    Is Apple Conning Consumers?
  • It's people like you that spoil the party for everybody. Ripping your CDs, and then SELLING the CDs is not "backing up" - it's PIRACY. Can you blame the movie makers for worrying....
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    When Will Apple Decide Ripping DVDs Is Cool Too?